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Protecting First Responders, Municipal & Regional Governments

Emergency service workers, men and women, risk their lives daily in service to others. We stand with these heroes protecting them for injury and sickness hazards, both seen and unseen.

We set the standard in providing the most complete and comprehensive coverage available! Find out more about how we can tailor benefits to specifically meet the needs of your organization.

Where would we be without Volunteers?

The commitment of volunteers, in all walks of life, contributes significantly to the quality of life in our communities. “They are civic minded, community spirited individuals who work and train for many hours. Sometimes they are called upon to serve under duress, in extreme circumstances, for the benefit of their fellow citizens.” 

Volunteer Firefighters in Canada (NFPA)
Volunteer or Paid-On-Call Paramedics
Municipal Councils & Regional Governments
Auxiliary Police
Search & Rescue Volunteers
Community Volunteers (Statistics Canada)
Our Services

ON DUTY Emergency Service

Accident & Sickness

Benefits for death, disability, medical and family expenses, if an Injury or Illness occurs during or is the result of participation in an activity of the organization.

Group Critical Illness

Critical Illness Insurance

Coverage recognizes all life threatening cancers and a number of other serious medical conditions. It provides a lump sum benefit usually following 30 days survival.

City Towns

Mayor & Council

Accident & Other Insurance

• Mayor & Council • Senior Staff • Employees • Committee Members • Volunteer Firefighters • Other Volunteer Groups

24 Hour OFF Duty

Accidental Injury

At home, at work, or at play. Coverage for accidental injury that is apart from service with the organization.

Group Life Insurance

Insurance for Death From Any Cause

Pays for death from illness as well as injury.

Regional Government

Special Risk Insurance

• Board Chair and Board Members • Senior Staff • Employees • Committee Members • Volunteer Firefighters • Other Volunteer Groups


First Responder Assistance Program

This is an Employee Assistance Plan for members and their dependents. It is a value-added service included with our ON DUTY program.

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Other Services?

Plans For

- Dental Care - Extended Health Care - Life Insurance - Group RRSP - Length of Service Award Programs - Visitor to Canada Insurance

Group Benefit Plans For

• Life Insurance • Accidental Death & Dismemberment • Dependent Life • Critical Illness • Disability • Extended Health Care • Dental Care • Group Retirement Programs • Employee Assistance Plans

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